Assam Laughingthrush

  • Scientific Name:

    Trochalopteron chrysopterum

  • Red Data status:

    Least Concern

  • Bird Category:

    Thrushes, Grandala, Cochoas and Shortwings

  • Sub Category:


  • Description:

    Formerly considered a subspecies of Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush Trochalopteron erythrocephalus. Now treated as a separate species following Collar, N. J. (2006) A partial revision of the Asian babblers (Timaliidae). Forktail 22: 85-112.
    T. c. chrysopterum - Meghalaya (SW Assam)
    T. c. godwini - N Cachar Hills (SE Assam), Nagaland & W Manipur
    T. c. erythrolaemus - E Manipur, Mizoram, W & SW Myanmar

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