• Scientific Name:

    Stercorarius pomarinus

  • Red Data status:

    Least Concern

  • Bird Category:

    Jaegers and Skuas

  • Sub Category:


  • Synonyms:

    Pomarine Jaeger, Pomatorhine Jaeger, Pomatorhine Skua, Gull Hunter, Gull-Chaser, Jaeger Gull, Jiddy Hawk, Marlinespike, Whip-Tail

  • Photographer:

    Hiren Khambhayta

  • Location:

    Balachadi Beach ,Jamnagar District,Gujarat State ,India

  • Date:

    30 ,Jul 2021

  • Remark:

    On 30th July 2021, we (Me, Chirag Shah & Ashish Pankhaniya) were searching for early migrating waders and shorebirds at a pond near Balachadi. It was a very cloudy morning with light sprinkle of rain and heavy wind. When a birding friend Ashish Pankhaniya spotted a dark bird in between greater flamingo. And later confirmed it as Skua. The bird which made me crawl and workout the most till date, even with season sickness. And the reward was something to cherish for lifetime. Seeing the palegic bird from few meters on land and that too bathing, roosting, drinking fresh water, its boldness and tolerance with other disturbance was a day to cherish for lifetime. Later the same bird was spotted twice by Ashish Pankhaniya, Yashodhan Bhatia & Dr. Mehul Bhadania at Rozy Port, Jamnagar. Once in the same week and then in next week. Which means the bird stayed in this area for at-least 10-20 days.

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